Twitter, the Zombie Land

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I usually think of twitter as place where (mostly) tech-savvy people get the chance to engage with each other.

From time to time I do end up looking at some absurd trending topic but, just like staring at the sun, I can't take more than 2 seconds of it. On such a brief and seldom contact with this alternate reality my brain does what it was trained to do with any piece of aberrant data: discard.

But on days like today — we pushed pro accounts at Droplr — I realize how much of a zombie land it really is. For hours on end, there's a flood of copies of copies of copies of tweets, every now and then randomly inserting a cliché hashtag.

The octothorpe attack. Spam. Bigtime. Yeah.

There's a small percentage of sane content producers and then the rest of the horde, wildly retweeting on zombie land.

Retweet zombies, man... They creep me out.

PS: It's safe to follow me, I'm not a zombie.