Naming threads created with the ExecutorService

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When profiling applications it sometimes becomes a pain to understand where so many threads come from and what the hell they are doing.

Default thread names

If you’re like me and have a dependency on java.util.concurrent's API's for anything concurrency-related, then you've certainly noticed that default thread names aren't particularly helpful with the aforementioned problem.

Here's a quick & dirty implementation of a ThreadFactory (based on Executors.DefaultThreadFactory) but with support for your own thread name prefixes.

public class NamedThreadFactory
    implements ThreadFactory {

  // constants ----------------------------------

  private static final AtomicInteger POOL_NUMBER = new AtomicInteger(1);

  // internal vars ------------------------------

  private final ThreadGroup group;
  private final AtomicInteger threadNumber = new AtomicInteger(1);
  private final String namePrefix;

  // constructors -------------------------------

  public NamedThreadFactory() {
    this("ThreadPool(" + POOL_NUMBER.getAndIncrement() + "-thread-");

  public NamedThreadFactory(String namePrefix) {
    SecurityManager s = System.getSecurityManager(); = (s != null) ? s.getThreadGroup() :
    this.namePrefix = namePrefix + "(pool" +
                      POOL_NUMBER.getAndIncrement() + "-thread-";

  // ThreadFactory ------------------------------

  public Thread newThread(Runnable r) {
    Thread t = new Thread(, r, this.namePrefix +
                          this.threadNumber.getAndIncrement() + ")", 0L);
    if (t.isDaemon()) {
    if (t.getPriority() != Thread.NORM_PRIORITY) {
    return t;

Protip™: If you're using Spring, you can just use CustomizableThreadFactory and save yourself the trouble.