Bound to be ugly

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A couple of nights ago, my better half read me aloud a small excerpt of a book, which has been resounding in my head:

"Of course they are ugly!" Stein replies. "Picasso says that when you make a thing for the first time it is so complicated it is bound to be ugly — but those who follow, who do the same thing after you, do not have the worry of making it, so they can make it pretty and everyone can like it!"

Artificial Love, page 31 — Paul Shepheard

While valid for pretty much everything, this brief quote made me look at end-user software — nowadays more commonly known as apps — with different eyes.

Have you used the new [new twitter client]?
It's so much better (read: prettier) than [old twitter client].

So here's to all the unsung heroes who once built ugly software. I can only hope to one day look back and count myself amongst your ranks.